“Day Of Glory That Became A Day Of Disgrace” – Denrele Edun Narrates The Humilatuin He Faced On His UNILAG Matriculation Day

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He posted this photo from his Matriculation day into the University of Lagos UNILAG in 1998 and wrote below:
“Throwback to my Matriculation Day in Unilag. 1998. Day of Glory that became a Day of Disgrace!

Home (then), we had this little-black-and-white-brandless-TV that never
showed steady pictures…We always had to slap it hard for it to show
properly and each heavy slap only held vice for bout 20mins! I was
always exasperated with it!
One Sunday, I rubbed anointing oil on it
and Alleluia, the “skoin-skoin” of this toolbox-sized TV ceased and it
was perfect picture all day (only on that Sunday)! Then & there, I
saw a promo for an audition: New young actors and actresses wanted for
the most popular family series back then. (D Executive Producer is late
now, Heaven bless her soul!). I was FRIGGING EXCITED. Jotted down d
address, went d next day (Monday) to their office in Ikeja, paid 2k for d
form & got the Audition dates.

The actual auditioning date
was the same day as my Matric. Even before the Matric, I posed with a
makeshift gown (cos I couldn’t afford one) & raced to Ikeja in my
very best ensemble (My Dad’s checkered shirt, my best denim pants,
borrowed shades and my Yaba-Aba-made trainers that always smelt so bad
after I took them off).
I was at the auditioning ground from 10am
thru till 7pm waiting for my turn. I honestly didn’t mind the long
wait…I wanted to be on the show so bad cos I needed the cash, exposure
and of course, work. My turn and I went in with all d confidence in d
They called in 10 of us & when it was time to act, I
nailed it. However, there was an Actor on the panel (very popular at
that time) who was eyeing me in disdain. He suddenly started throwing
questions at me, perhaps in a bid to make me look stupid or throw me off
but i was damn ready for him.
He looked me squarely in the eye and
told me, I recall this too well; “YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT IN THIS
PUT U ONSCREEN? SUCH A DISGRACE”. I thought he was reading from d
script. Next thing, I was walked out with the others.
D other guys tried consoling me but I left shattered. Trekked from Ikeja to Yaba. Cried all The way home.

U know my name, not my story.
U’ve heard what I’ve done, but not what I’v been thru!’


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