10 Shameful Acts Guys Display After Getting Under The Skirt Of A Lady


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To those asking why I have been on sabbatical leave. My inability to post my write-ups, is however due to the fact that my phone was hijacked and I lost all my unpublished articles. I actually thought of dropping one today, so I had to use someone else’s phone to carry out the operation just to show that neither have I been kidnapped nor ran out of ideas.

*Clears throat*

It’s very evident that the world has now taken turn in such a way that $ex is now the thing invoke among youths. In recent time, the concept of relationship has been wrongly interpreted by guys specifically that they boast and receive appraisal from friends when they get laid. However, to some guys, kitty-cat is the motive behind their going into relationships, that’s why they act like their world revolve around it, thereby walk-bouncing the street and bragging to their friends when a lady fails prey to them

NOTE: This is not a generalization of all guys cos I know for sure that an averagely sizable number of us are way too matured beyond doing these shameful acts and display of immaturity.

Without wasting time, I shall discuss the shameful things guys do after getting under the skirt of ladies, (and in some cases their supposed girlfriends)

Lemme keep the ball rolling

1. They Brag When In The Midst Of Friends 
Guys who act this way are nothing but scum in my personal opinion. I don’t know why some guys are so dumb that something done in secret becomes a public issue. Few weeks ago, I was in Ado-Ekiti when a lady visited me. Gbaaaaam !!!! I locked ourselves up for nearly four hours and when she was about going, I took a few minutes walk with her half way and after returning back, see as my guys begin hail and even congratulated me like say my Bet9ja ticket click. They were asking if I actually I did it, and I was like whaatdaafccck is that? Some guys will even lie even if they never did it. This is just to boast their ego

2. They Show to Their friends Already Used Condoorrrm 
Some of them are even dumb and immature that they will take their friends to their room and show to them the already used condom so that their friends will not think they are telling lies.

3 They Snap Pictures 
I have no atom of respect for guys who involve in this silly act. I just can’t but shake my head for guys who are guilty of this act. Few months ago, one dumb guy in my villa was showing to his friends the selfie taken during the deed. This is nothing but the greatest height of stup*dity and immaturity at PhD level.

4. They Give The Girl’s Phone Number To Their Friend 

This is another shameful thing some guys do. After the deed, some of them will give out the girl’s number to their friends telling them how professional skillful she’s on the bed. The mumu friends sef go collect the number begin chase the girl

5. They Suddenly Become Unnecessarily Authoritative 
To some guys, they believe that a lady will not have an atom of respect for them until they got her laid. However, guys with this mentality always act like ladies puppet but will suddenly become authoritative just like Ayo Fayose the moment their purpose has been fulfilled. That is, they start springing surprises and doing things the way they like and will command obedience from the lady by force.

6. They Stop Showing Affection 
It is of no doubt that the worth of some guys, is measured by the strategies used to cajole and get ladies bleeped. This however gives some of them an a$$urance of self worth and handsomeness. When some of them manage to find their way there, that is when they drastically show interest and act like the ladies is the forcing herself on them *yeye people*

7. They Delete and Block Her 
Another shameful practice some dumb and silly guys are guilty of. They used to call frequently and chat her up, but after the deed, they will stop ringing her up and even avoid her calls. The lady in question becomes worthless to them because they have got what them find joy in.

8. They Start Nagging 
I swear, guys who do this are nothing but eeeedioots. Some of them can be so tolerant that that can even eat poo, but when their mission is accomplished they pick offence for everything. That is when they know that she’s not pretty, and has a poor test in fashion.

9. They Expect Her To Start Chasing Them 

Guys who act like this need a knock on the head. They used to do the calling most of the time, and also used to chat her up frequently, but when they just manage to do what pleases their heart, they stop ringing her up or even pick their calls

10. Feel free to add the Last one


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