Actor Ibrahim Chatta Finally Open up on Being A Wife Beater


Ace Movie maker/Actor Ibrahim Chatta in a new chat with Saturday Beats, challenged \’those\’ accusing him of beating his wife and ex wife to present proof that he does, read excerpts from the interview below..

“I am aware that if one should search for my name on the internet, most reports that would pop up would be that I am a wife beater but all those things are false. I have just one question to ask the media and public; if truly I am a wife beater, how come there is no proof or evidence to support that fact? We are in the age of social media and if truly I am a wife beater, one of my alleged victims ought to have taken to their social media page to post a picture of bruises or a black eye but there is nothing like that. Does it mean that of all the women I had dated and allegedly beaten up, none of them has proof or a scar to show that those stories are true?”


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