Doors, TV Sets & Windows Smashed As Students Attack Teachers For Not Allowing Them Cheat In WASSCE

Final year students of a Secondary School have brutally attacked their teachers with dangerous weapons while also smashing doors, windows and TV sets over WAEC exam.
The vandalized properties by the students
Some school teachers have been attacked with stones and other dangerous weapons by their students for not allowing them to cheat in their final year examination at Zabzugu Senior High School in the Zabzugu District in Ghana.
According to AdomOnline, the angry students vandalised school properties, smatched doors, television sets, and windows, saying that it was their right to copy or send texts books into the examination hall.
While speaking to a reporter, a student said, “Even though they did not have any pact with their teachers to allow them to cheat, they were reliably informed that teachers from other schools aid their students by allowing them to copy.”
A terrified teacher of the school while confirming the attack said the only crime the teachers committed was not allowing the students to copy during the West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination, adding that he was only alive because he didn’t take refuge in his house because the students went to his house with stones.
He said, “The students felt they had a right to send their notebooks and textbooks to the examination hall, a right they the teachers are yet to come across in any of the examination regulations.
“As a result, the students mobilized themselves and stormed the school, vandalizing properties and threatening to kill any teacher they came across.”
The teachers have therefore vowed not to supervise or invigilate the rest of the exams unless heavy security was provided.


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