Lady Shocked To See A Bus Driver Who Has No Legs Driving Danfo In Lagos (Photos)

The zeal to hustle even when you are surrounded with circumstances beyond your control is quite rare, and one of a kind hustler was spotted in the streets of Lagos.
The driver with no legs
A Twitter user identified simply as KenniiPeperempe (@aburoPosh), has taken to the social networking platform to post the photos of a commercial bus driver who plies his trade in the city of Lagos, but without his legs.
Kenni who was left in shock after she entered the danfo bus where the driver got no legs, said that she entered the bus on her way to town from Ojota.
She posted the photos and wrote; “Y’all so the other day, I got into this Danfo from Ojota to Town Planning b/stop and behold the driver.”
See more photos below!


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