Sad! How Aishat Abimbola spent her last days, knowing she has limited time left.


Popular actress, Abimbola Aisha Also known as Omoge Campus who passed away at Scarborough general hospital, Canada Last week.

In 2016, the late actress went to the Unitted States for necessary treatment. But at a point it was  discovered that the cancer was already spreading round her body.

December 9th 2017, the late actress relocated to Canada with her two lovely kids. she lived her life as if there was nothing happening to her. She celebrated her birthday on 19th Dec. 2017 in Canada,

She focused on her kids majorly, she spent her last days with her kids, making them happy while still there. After two years of being diagnosed with cancer, she passed away.

She is survived by her husband and two lovely kids, Lase who is 11 years, Morenikeji 9 years.


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