See the special gift Nigerian guy Gives Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg for his birthday (PHOTOS).


Olaniyi Samuel Olaniran, a visual artist. gifted Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg this beautiful artwork that took him six months to create below;

The talented Visual Artist Wrote;

“It may not be best of times to feel the need to celebrate your birthday but living testimonies like me, among millions of others who benefited immensely from Facebook are the reasons why you should celebrate and be celebrated. Facebook is a “NATION” that has produced and promoted unity, happiness and greatness among nations; vast majority of people; regardless of age, ethnicity, color and social class.
I wrote this piece of literature to convey my appreciation, narrate my story on how I have been inspired by Mark, how Facebook has influenced my art career and also to present a special artistic birthday gift to you.

For 6 (six) months, I worked on a 6FT by 4FT bead painting.

The painting is a token of appreciation to a man whose brainchild positively changed my life and elevated my career as an ARTIST. To mention a few, Facebook helped me to:
1. CONNECT with Art educators across the globe for collaboration on different projects.
2. EXTENDING ART TRAINING for children beyond the classroom, through internal exchange programs.
3. EMPOWER youths on various art skills, enough to keep them off street and provide them with good income.
My special gift to Mark is a painting that contains over a million beads, each representing the countless number of people that are happy with Facebook, benefited from Facebook and also the number of people in my network.”


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