Actor Ogogo’s Daughter reveals the day her father beat her misbehaving.


Olawunmi Hassan one of the Daughter\’s of veteran actor, Taiwo Hassan simply known as Ogogo in an interview with PunchNG talked about the relationship between her and her father, read below..

“My father hardly beats any of his children. Once he gives us a look, we know that we are already misbehaving. But whatever makes him shout at a child, it means the child has gone overboard. I am the only one my father has given a thorough beating. I once took permission to attend my school mother’s valedictory and he told me to return by 3pm.

At 3pm, the party had yet started, so I decided to stay back and enjoy the party. By the time we finished the party, it was late in the night; so, I headed straight to my grandmother’s house. Meanwhile, everybody in the house had been looking for me. They were all worried. My father got to my grandmother’s house at 2am. He didn’t say anything till we got home. He beat me so much that I can never forget in my life. After beating me, he sat and started crying. But he hardly beats any child. His eyes do all the corrections.”


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