Nigerians Who Absconded After Traveling To Russia For World Cup, Cry Out For Help (Photos)


Nigerians who traveled to Russia for the ongoing World Cup in the country and later absconded to other countries have cried out to federal government for help.

The Nigerians in their hotel
A popular Facebook news page, Sapele Oghenek, has shared the story of some Nigerians who absconded to other countries after traveling to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament, and are now calling on the federal government to come to their aid.
It was gathered that the Nigerians fled to other countries from Russia in order to obtain Schengen visa, with two dying in the process due to the cold weather.
The group of guys reportedly paid N17,000 for a night just to hide so that they won\’t be c@ught by security agents there. It is said that when their (Nigerians) money finishes, the same foreigners who collected money to protect them from the police, will later expose them to the authorities.
It was further learnt that some Nigerians who can\’t afford the money per night, are said to be sleeping on the streets and also begging for money for food.
Due to the hardship they have experienced in the past few days, the group of guys who are staying in one room, decided to contact the journalist in order to publish their story so that the government will come to their aid.
Here\’s how the news page reported the story;
“Report enter studio say most of our people wey travel go Russia go watch World Cup and decide to run enter other countries to obtain Shenge Visa, don begin enter yawa, as two Nigerians don die due to cold weather, why some hide for some Russia guys house, dey pay N17k for a night, just to hide deir heads make Security nor catch them and who e money don finish, the Oyibo dey helep point them give police, as many dey crench now. 
“We even see some dey leave inside one room with large numbers,why some dey sleep for streets dey beg money to eat. Them run come studio, so that our studio go alert the government authorityti come to deir rescue. Na deir pictures dey attached to this news.” 


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