Nollywood Actress, Funke Adesiyan Blasts Linda Ikeji For Always Writing About Her Boobs (Photos)

A Nigerian actress has attacked famous Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji on social media for writing about her.

Linda Ikeji
Funke Adesiyan, a Nollywood actress, has recently called out famous blogger Linda Ikeji for always writing about her b**bs.
The actress took to her Instagram page to slam the blogger for always writing about her body, especially her b**bs in the last eight years.
Trouble began when Funke posted the photo below on her Instagram page. The photos showed her posing in a Jacuzzi.
Funke Adesiyan
Linda\’s blog, upon sighting the photo, quickly wrote about it. However, the actress who wasn\’t pleased with the reports fired back.
For Funke, Linda must be a bi-s*xual for always writing about her body parts. The actress also mentioned that Linda might be jealous of her b**bs, as she advised Linda to go get a b**b job.
Funke first posted the photo below:
She then wrote: @officiallindaikeji , I just read your post about me on your blog. I was surprised to see you have been writing about me in the past 8years or so and 85% of the time, its about my BOOBS. Is my BOOBS a reminder of what you wish you had? or are you bis*xual in nature?
“I can\’t fathom how a woman will be constantly attracted to another person\’s body like you. You talked about how I took a dip in a pool today.
“My sister, no be pool, it\’s called jacuzzi J.A.C.U.Z.Z.I. and you sit in a jacuzzi. Moreso, I\’m I expected to wear Iro and Buba here? This is a picture of you and I in our swimsuits.
“The only difference is in the size of our b**bs. My sister, contact Dr @grandvillemedlaser if you want yours bigger. Your obsession with my b**bs got to stop. Afterall, if you don\’t have it, you buy it! It\’s becoming a noise. #stopcyberbully #lindaikeji #juststop #dontbringyourshittomydoor”


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