Popular Police Boss, Dolapo Badmus Slams Ruggedman and Told Him ““you Can’t Eat Your Cake and Have It”

Dolapo Badmus, the known Police PRO has taken to social media to caution ace rapper, Ruggedman after Yomi Shogunle, the assistant commissioner of police was accused by singer and rapper for allegedly sharing a fake story about him.
 It happened not long after Ruggedman shared a tip on how to identify the real SARS, Yomi took a photo of Ruggedman with the federal SARS and revealed that Ruggedman has been vocal in his call to end the SARS, has now turned to join those calling for SARS to be reformed rather than to be scrapped.
Ruggedman called the ACP when he the photos used to send the wrong message, he reiterated that he is all for #EndSARS.
In a rather lengthy post, the Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus asked him to take a side. Her post read;
I came across this and I wasn’t surprised! Firstly I didn’t expect @ruggedybaba to tag me having taken into cognisance the fact that in a long while he has stopped tagging me in anything police matter!
However for the fact that my attention has been drawn to this matter by way of tagging…… I need to let @ruggedybaba know that with your hobnobbing with police and seeking attention with officers and men of the police force and making it public by way of postings on social media will send a signal that you have converted from #endsars to #reformsars because it’s expected you might have been made to understand all efforts been put in place by the leadership of the force to reformsars (and of course you have demonstrated that by showing some of the efforts unknowingly to you…
example is the branding of the uniform for the department) For you to still come out to say “I stand with #endsars until it is reformed” somehow looks contradictory and confusing! You will remember vividly that your first encounter with police was when your younger brother was arrested?! You remember I received your call through @9iceofficial Who informed me about the incident and I quickly placed a call across to you and not only was your brother released, all other men randomly picked with him were also released on my instruction to the DPO! since then we both agreed we are going to work and we have been working together to curb their excesses until you decided to #endsars (we both know why) but anyway no one eats his cake and have it!!! If what you stand for is #endsars let’s know and if it’s #reformsars let’s know……going forth and back will confuse anyone….
stakeholders on #endsars are engaging the police to ensure proper things are been done without too much of showing it off on social media!! My advice to you is that if really your police engagement is not for personal aggrandizement, take it off social media or else it might be misconstrued … No one should get this twister @ruggedybaba and I remain partners in progress, he’s always welcome to partner with us to ensure we get the bad eggs out of the force.


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