Ways to Know Someone Is Cheating on You and How to Catch Them


Catching someone cheating is a huge trope in movies and TV. It\’s usually an explosive and revelatory moment like a character coming home and catching their partner in the act and there\’s typically no denying what\’s happening.
In real life, however, we don\’t always get that nollywood drama.

1. They accuse you of cheating.
If your partner is cheating, they may turn around and accuse you first. This can be a way to justify their own actions and try to pin the blame on you.
“When your partner has the capacity to do something like cheat, lie, or steal they will assume you might be doing the same.

2. Suddenly keeping track of your whereabouts becomes very important to them. If someone\’s cheating, time management is key, so they\’ll want to know where you are and how long you\’ll be out. Maybe they\’ll get a chance to sneak away for a moment?

3. If your bf is cheating on you, it is bad of him. However, if you are doubting and behaving something that cross the line, it is your blame for yourself.

4. When they are answering call and you saw them, Your Partner’s Tone Of Voice Changes On The Phone.

5. One of the biggest signs that someone may be cheating is a sudden, major change in your relationship. He/she doesn’t talk to you about all their deepest feelings anymore. Time to sit down and have a real discussion about what’s going on.

6. You begin to notice emotional distance between the two of you. Things just aren’t the way they used to be.

7. They suddenly start encouraging you to spend time with other people. Their rationalization is If you spend time with other people, then I can too.

8. He/she doesn’t answer certain phone calls when you’re around. They look especially panicked when the phone rings.

9. He/she hangs around with a new best friend of the opposite s*x a lot, even more than they spend time with you.
10. Your bf/gf spends time with his/her ex, but claims nothing is happening.
11. Everything is password-protected.


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